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University of Florida offers fully online bachelor’s degree program in biology. Nuff said.

I have made a few people very unhappy by saying that no college student should major in biology. Now the University of Florida is providing support for my argument in a way I couldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams. … Continue reading

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The biggest issue for K-12 science (and physics) education? The education establishment has to care.

Along with other members of the American Physical Society’s Committee on Education, I met with about half a dozen physics teachers from charter, magnet and traditional schools in Chicago on Friday afternoon.  We were supposed to be there to listen … Continue reading

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More financial incentives for math and physics teachers in UK

From The Guardian: The education secretary is considering an extra £5,000 carrot to attract maths and physics graduates into teaching, in an effort to solve the long-running shortage of qualified specialists in crucial subjects. In a speech at the Policy Exchange on … Continue reading

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Nobel Laureate Lederman pushes Physics First in Illinois: The usual K-12 resistance to change, but a bit of success

From the March 25, 2013 Chicago Tribune: A decades-old push by the science community persuaded dozens of Illinois high schools to offer physics to freshmen in the past several years — a radical shift because physics typically is taken by upperclassmen with … Continue reading

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Florida implements the Common Core

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On Governor Scott’s executive order on Common Core and PARCC: Assessment is where the rubber meets the road

It’s very nice that Governor Scott decided to endorse the adoption of the Common Core standards in math and English language arts that the Florida State Board of Education adopted in 2010. Now let’s talk about something important – assessment. … Continue reading

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Groan! Clemson education professor says teaching reading is teaching “cognitive strategies”, unlike science

From a USA Today article on a South Carolina proposal similar to Florida’s Just Read, Florida! initiative: Linda Gambrell, a professor of literacy education at Clemson who is on a committee at the university looking into the Read to Succeed issue, said she sees … Continue reading

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Are parents afraid their kids will not succeed under Common Core?

For a parent, there is almost nothing worse than seeing one of their children in pain.  The pain can be physical – from illness or injury.  Or it can be emotional, like the pain of failure.  The parental sensation is … Continue reading

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In Congress, 226 Lawyers vs 3 Scientists: George Gollin, particle physicist, wants to even the odds

From an e-mail Dr. Gollin sent to potential contributors: Dear Colleague: I’m George Gollin, a particle physicist at the University of Illinois. I’ve spent the last 25 years happily doing research and teaching students in Champaign. But now I’m doing … Continue reading

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From Starting and Mid-career Salaries for Selected Majors

From the 2014 College Salary Report, which ranks 129 college majors by mid-career salaries.  It’s important to note that the salaries include benefits, commissions and such.  “Starting” doesn’t mean initial salary, but salary with about two years’ experience.  “Mid-career” … Continue reading

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