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FSU Physics Professor Emeritus and former Dean of the Faculties Steve Edwards passes away

FSU Physics Professor emeritus and former Dean of the Faculties Steve Edwards passed away on Friday afternoon. The Tallahassee Democrat published a lovely tribute to Steve in this morning’s paper.

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Tallahassee Democrat op-ed: “New computer science standards useless without incentives”

Florida’s new K-12 computer science standards will have little or no effect on the state’s students because there is no parallel effort to recruit computer science teachers or provide incentives for students to take computing classes.  Bay and Monroe Counties … Continue reading

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An important question for policy-makers: Where at FSU do we make “Economic Prosperity and Individual Opportunity?”

The evening before Governor Scott’s “Jobs to Degrees Summit” began in Orlando, the Charles Koch Institute hosted a panel discussion titled “A More Competitive Florida:  How to Grow the Economy”.  One of the panelists was an FSU colleague of mine … Continue reading

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Florida’s school funding adequacy suit: No matter what Judge Reynolds says, our schools need new strategically targeted investments

While Judge Reynolds dismissed the lawsuit about the adequacy of Florida’s education funding, it is clear that there are gaping holes in the state’s K-12 program that need to be addressed.  The state’s middle school math program is rapidly unraveling, … Continue reading

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Florida AP enrollment in math, science: Rapid growth in biology, steady growth in math

To provide some context for the Florida AP Computer Science enrollment numbers I previously posted, here are the corresponding numbers for calculus, biology, chemistry and physics. Steady enrollment growth continues in the Calculus AB and Statistics courses.  Biology continues to … Continue reading

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Growth in AP Computer Science in Florida levels off

While the Florida State Board of Education has taken the almost entirely symbolic step of approving standards for K-12 computer science instruction, the growth in AP computer science enrollments in the state’s public high schools has leveled off. From 2013 … Continue reading

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Here’s what Florida should do if it REALLY wants to improve student career readiness in math, science and computing-related fields

Tomorrow, Florida’s State Board of Education will approve new standards in computing for K-12 schools.  This is the least impactful thing the state’s K-12 system can do to promote student career readiness in computing.  But it’s consistent with what the … Continue reading

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