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Florida is an AP powerhouse – except in math and science.

The Florida Department of Education and its cheerleaders regularly brag about the performance of the state’s high school students on Advanced Placement (AP) exams. Sunshine State News columnist Nancy Smith recently cheered that Florida “is fifth in number of high advanced … Continue reading

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2018 AP exam results: Florida stays in its math and science rut

The results of AP examinations taken by Florida students in May and released by the College Board yesterday show a state stuck in a math and science rut. The rates at which Florida students take and pass AP exams in … Continue reading

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Sure there is good news about Florida’s schools. But there is bad news, too – about how poorly the state prepares its students for college STEM majors.

Florida is doing a lousy job preparing its high school students for college majors in STEM fields, especially those like engineering and the physical and computing sciences that require strong mathematical skills and provide technological leadership. And as a state … Continue reading

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What the nation learned from FSU’s undergraduate program in Physics: “Prepare all students for success”

In the fall of 2016, a national task force formed jointly by the American Physical Society and the American Association of Physics Teachers published a report titled “Phys21: Preparing Physics Students for 21st Century Careers”.  In the report, the task … Continue reading

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Why do I teach in FSU’s Studio Physics Program? Because I am able to look in the mirror in the morning and know I’m doing the best thing for the students in my class.

From the Executive Summary of “Engage to Excel”: Economic projections point to a need for approximately 1 million more STEM professionals than the U.S. will produce at the current rate over the next decade if the country is to retain … Continue reading

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FSU’s DFW rate metric: What I told my Physics Department colleagues

FSU’s Physics Department faculty reacted strongly (and negatively) to the announcement by the university that academic departments and courses would be evaluated in part by the rate at which students earned grades of D or F or withdrew – the … Continue reading

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Improving student learning through research in a time of institutional distractions

The FSU Physics Department’s Studio Physics Program has been the university’s leading evidence-based teaching initiative for the entire decade of its existence. But we are still trying to get better at helping our students learn physics with the understanding they … Continue reading

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