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Fordham says improvements in K-12 science can wait

The scathing criticism Fordham leveled against the Next Generation Science Standards has received a good deal of attention.  Some of the Fordham criticisms are reasonable, and some are just completely out of bounds. But those criticisms are not the most … Continue reading

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Miss America complains about her high school physics class

No, I could not possibly have made this up. The comments from Mallory Hytes Hagan are from US News and World Report – an account of a panel discussion on STEM education they held last week “I learned next to … Continue reading

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U Md Physics Professor Gates – a State Board of Ed member – lauds NGSS

From Curriculum Matters: In a phone interview, Dr. S. James Gates, a member of the Maryland state board and a physics professor at the University of Maryland in College Park, praised the new standards as holding great promise to transform science … Continue reading

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Vermont is in – fourth state to adopt NGSS

More from Curriculum Matters.

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Maryland Board of Ed unanimously adopts NGSS

From an @OfficialNGSS tweet. Maryland becomes the third state to adopt, behind Rhode Island and Kansas.  Vermont is also up today – a gimme since the item is on the consent agenda. The Fordham Institute’s scathing review of NGSS seems … Continue reading

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Do Florida’s school districts want to support the science and engineering pipeline? Okaloosa parents battle for survival of STEMM middle school

Parents and students from the STEMM Center middle school in one of Florida’s strongest school districts, Okaloosa County, packed a school board meeting on Monday evening to protest a proposal to end the enrollment of new students in the school.  … Continue reading

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Don’t let the Common Core squeeze out science…

…John O’Connor’s report on an interview I did with him last week for State Impact Florida.

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Baltimore Sun: Maryland poised to adopt NGSS

This article from the Sun focuses on workforce development. The State Board of Education in Maryland, which is an NGSS lead partner state, will vote on NGSS adoption tomorrow.

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School Zone: 88% of Florida commenters favor adoption of NGSS

Leslie Postal at School Zone reports that 88% of the more than 600 commenting on the possibility of Florida’s adopting the NGSS voted “yes” for adoption.  The commenting site includes buttons for voting “yes” or “no” on adoption. The Florida Department of … Continue reading

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More from Jeffrey Mervis at Science: Science teachers not confident they will get support to effectively implement NGSS

Right from an infographic in Mervis’ Science article (taken from an NSTA survey): 83% of teachers say NGSS will improve student learning, but… Only 38% think they will receive the additional training needed. Only 42% think their district will give … Continue reading

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