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“E” is for “evaporate”: FSU’s E-series courses about to be legislated out of existence

FSU’s E-series course program, which was authorized by the Florida Legislature when FSU and UF were designated “preeminent”, would disappear under legislation nearing approval.  The E-series courses were engineered to provide an “exceptional academic experience,,,,unique to FSU among public colleges … Continue reading

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Twice the privilege: Two visits with Mosley High School parents today

Over the last year, I’ve had the privilege of visiting with parents at Mosley High School several times. Today I’m doubly privileged.  I will be visiting with Mosley parents twice today – at both 11:30 and 6:00. Mosley has been … Continue reading

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Research relevant to Best and Brightest eligibility requirements from the CALDER Center: “Certification Requirements and Teacher Quality”

Here is the abstract of a paper by Georgia State University economist Tim Sass in 2011 on teachers who come to the profession through different routes posted at the CALDER Center site.  Read this or the full paper and then … Continue reading

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Best and Brightest: And of course there are terrific science teachers that fall through the cracks because they never took the ACT or SAT

I heard from Florida Citizens for Science Communications Director Brandon Haught, who is teaching environmental science at University High School in Volusia County.  Brandon also served in the Marines from 1988 to 2000.  Here is what he had to say: … Continue reading

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Two Florida teachers express frustration about Senate’s language on Best and Brightest signing bonuses

During the last 24 hours, I have heard from two teachers in different parts of Florida about the Senate’s plan to limit Best and Brightest signing bonuses to exclude math and science teachers who do not complete traditional teacher education … Continue reading

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Trying to fix Best and Brightest: How an important issue got lost in a parliamentary maneuver

Bay County School Board Chair Ginger Littleton had spent most of Monday and Tuesday this week with the district’s lead teacher recruiter, Sharon Michalik, talking with students in FSU’s studio physics classes about teaching careers.  Those visits had gone well. … Continue reading

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Senate’s Best and Brightest bill would lock most new high school physics teachers – and many other new math and science teachers – out of program’s “signing bonuses”

For all of its faults, the Best and Brightest teacher bonus program does have one laudable goal at its core – to recruit a larger number of talented individuals into teaching in Florida. In Florida, many talented individuals – including … Continue reading

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