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Every college-bound student should have the option of choosing careers in engineering, science, health professions and computing. What does that require?

It may be difficult to believe or accept, but even though it’s not quite October yet it’s not too soon for the parents of 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th graders to be thinking about what courses their students should be … Continue reading

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Student learning and opportunity should be at the center of BOG deliberations about the future of classrooms

As Florida’s Board of Governors considers the future of classrooms in the State University System, members can focus on either saving money or on improving student learning in fields that provide economic opportunity. Of course, I hope they choose to … Continue reading

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Florida’s Board of Governors says that university system’s online learning push will dramatically reduce classroom space needs

In a presentation to the Facilities Committee of the Florida Board of Governors at their meeting last week, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Finance and Facilities Chris Kinsley said that the system’s new emphasis on online learning is reducing the need … Continue reading

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2016 ACT: Florida high schoolers strong in reading, weak in math, even worse in science. But that’s not the important point.

Of the students in Florida’s high school graduating class of 2016, 81% took the ACT.  Twenty-two other states had ACT participation rates higher than Florida’s, including eighteen where the exam was required for all high school students.  It’s fair to … Continue reading

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FSU and the SUS performance-based funding program: Should FSU be trying to improve its metrics? Or just say the program is unfair?

A significant amount of funding for Florida’s State University System (SUS) institutions is now distributed using a performance-based funding program that financially rewards institutions for addressing some of the state’s policy priorities. The state’s two “preeminent” (and oldest) public institutions … Continue reading

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150 Bay County middle school students were inducted into the Future Physicists of Florida. So what comes next?

Parents who attended Tuesday’s Bay County Future Physicists of Florida induction ceremony at Florida State University’s Panama City Campus with their children asked me one question over and over again:  What’s next? The answer to that question is this:  Bay … Continue reading

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Channeling my inner Trump: What if we limited H1B visas? Would businesses then support improved math and science education for our own kids?

Ed Moore’s op-ed last week awakened my inner Donald Trump. Ed is the President of Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida and a frequent commentator on Florida politics.  His op-ed, published in several newspapers around the state (here’s the link … Continue reading

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