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The REAL reason for issuing a storm warning on Thursday…

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Improving Florida’s middle and high school math achievement would have a statewide economic impact – even better than college football (Go figure)

In an op-ed published throughout the state (including in the Tallahassee Democrat), Florida TaxWatch CEO Dominic Calabro pointed out that college football has a significantly positive economic impact in the state. After reading Dominic’s piece, just for fun I googled “math … Continue reading

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89% of Florida high school students have access to a physics course in their schools, but 24 high schools of 1,000 students or more do not offer physics

An analysis of Fall 2015 course enrollments and school populations in Florida reveals that among students in public high schools with active science teaching programs (that is offering Biology 1 or the equivalent), 89% have access to physics courses in … Continue reading

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Florida’s 4th graders are pretty good at math, but our 8th graders are awful. How could this be?

The answer to almost every question about student achievement includes the phrase “great teachers”. That’s probably true for the question posed by the two plots below as well. Here is the question:  How is it possible that Florida’s 8th graders … Continue reading

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Florida’s performance on 2015 NAEP 8th grade math was dismal, but…

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Bay County begins the long climb toward the top of Florida’s STEM career preparation rankings, where Seminole County awaits

With an audience of about a hundred FSU physics professors and students looking on, Seminole County high school physics teacher Luther Davis climbed up on a table at the front of the Physics Department’s lecture hall to describe a visit … Continue reading

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Florida’s “opt-out” lawsuit: As civil disobedience goes, pushing your kids into trouble is questionable

My kids – the youngest is 20 – have gotten themselves involved in projects related to things I care deeply about. My middle child is designing a distance learning version of an interactive engagement SCALE-UP science teaching facility. My youngest … Continue reading

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Future Physicists of Florida induction ceremonies at FSU and in Bay and Monroe Counties set for fall

The Future Physicists of Florida induction ceremonies for Fall 2016 are now set. The second annual Bay County Schools induction ceremony will be held on Tuesday, September 20 at FSU’s Panama City campus.  The scientific keynote speaker will be Jeremiah … Continue reading

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Will Bright Futures scholarships promote readiness for the 21st century economy?

With the return of Florida’s Bright Futures scholarship program to the state’s policy spotlight, policy-makers, educators and parents should ponder this simple statement of college readiness: Every college-bound student should be prepared to choose any major. How could any parent, … Continue reading

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Those who are concerned about the shortage of math and physics teachers in Florida should take a look at this

The math, engineering and physics salaries here are for bachelor’s degree holders aged 25-59 who do not have graduate degrees, and are taken from the 2015 report “The Economic Value of College Majors” from the Georgetown University Center on Education … Continue reading

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