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Florida underachieving in high school physics, according to survey of state departments of education

Information from 28 state departments of education and the corresponding agency in the District of Columbia reveals how poorly Florida is doing in getting its public high school students enrolled in physics classes. The survey – conducted last summer and … Continue reading

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Florida AP Physics 1 enrollment steady in 2015-16

When it was revealed last summer that the grading scale for the new AP Physics 1 exam would result in a pass rate of only 37% and only 4.1% of exams earning a grade of 5, Florida teachers I spoke … Continue reading

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The Year 2015 in numbers for Florida and beyond

26%:  The percentage of Florida 8th graders proficient in math, according to the 2015 National Assessment of Educational Progress.  That percentage is far lower than the 31% that was measured in 2013.  The 2015 national rate is 33%.  So far, no … Continue reading

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Orlando Sentinel pens powerful editorial demanding physics at Jones High School

All I could say when I read the editorial was “wow”.

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The Orlando Sentinel reports on the lack of physics at Jones High School

Orlando’s Jones High School, which was once segregated but which recently moved into a new building, has not offered physics in some time and has been the only Orange County high school not to do so.  The irony of this … Continue reading

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Florida district high school physics enrollment rates for Fall 2015: Is your district a leader or a follower?

Physics is the gateway high school science course for lucrative college majors in engineering and science.  How well Florida’s school districts provide opportunities for their high school students to take physics and how well they succeed in selling these opportunities … Continue reading

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Godby High School’s Zondra Clayton continues to do the unthinkable – building physics enrollment at a low income school

Only a few years ago, there were no physics classes and no physics students at Godby High School.  This was both sad and predictable:  Godby was one of Tallahassee’s two lowest income high schools, and the other (Rickards) had an … Continue reading

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