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New York Times: Science professors generally regard women undergraduates as weaker students

This is the sort of news that makes a professor like me want to tear my hair out. Those of us in the science professorate are driving young women out of our fields.  Perhaps you can’t think of anything more … Continue reading

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Thanks to the Seattle Times, I finally understand what MOOC’s are about

I get it now, thanks to the Seattle Times.  This is what the Times says about MOOC’s: By now you’re surely wondering: Why would any university — especially now, when so many are straining to pay the bills — give away the … Continue reading

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Go Carl! Physics Nobel Laureate and former OSTP Director gives blistering critique of the state of American science education

From a Science Magazine report on Carl Wieman’s testimony to the Senate Science and Commerce Committee: “There has been very little change in the level of interest in STEM or the mastery of STEM subjects by U.S. students in the … Continue reading

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Orlando Sentinel: UF to offer Massive Open Online Courses (So what?)

Here is Denise-Marie Ordway’s story. Just to be clear about this:  These courses (abbreviated “MOOC’s”) are just shiny new objects that are distracting us from the hard work of preparing our young people for the new economy.

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Solving the gender gap in engineering: IEEE announces a “simple three-step process”

It doesn’t look so simple to me, but the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers says it has a “simple three-step process for inspiring, engaging, encouraging and empowering women worldwide to pursue a career in engineering.”  Here are some excerpts … Continue reading

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White House Jobs Council: States should adopt common standards in science as well as math and English language arts

The White House Jobs Council is a consortium of corporations that advocates for strategies they say will expand the pool of high-paying jobs in the US.  In their 2011 Year-End Report was a lengthy section on education from preschool to … Continue reading

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What Governor Scott wishes he had been able to say in his letter to students

Bill Cosby’s commencement address this past spring nailed the sentiment Governor Scott tried to express in his letter to Florida’s college students recently. Of course, Dr. Cosby is able to deliver a message in a way that opens hearts.

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The death spiral continues at Tallahassee’s Lincoln High School as Presidential Awardee departs

Today was the last day of work at Lincoln High School for Steve Fannin, Florida’s Presidential Awardee in science this year. Lincoln’s principal gave Fannin the lowest possible grade on his Marzano evaluation last year shortly before the Presidential Award … Continue reading

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Brandon Haught in today’s Orlando Sentinel: “…significant action is taking place in reading, writing and math education…But what about science?”

Brandon is the Communications Director for the Florida Citizens for Science.  In this piece, he makes the case that Florida should adopt the (national) Next Generation Science Standards.

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In letter to state’s college freshmen, Governor Scott tells students to focus on preparing for careers

From a letter addressed to the state’s college freshmen by Governor Scott: Dear College Freshman: Congratulations on your decision to further your education.  Over the next ten years, the world will face many challenges and opportunities.  Innovation is moving at … Continue reading

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