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College majors with highest median earnings: no surprises

From the report What’s it Worth?  The Economic Value of College Major, from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, the ten majors with the highest median earnings: Petroleum Engineering $120,000 Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Sciences and Administration $105,000 Mathematics … Continue reading

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Two week summer math workshops for teachers don’t work: IES study

Update (June 1, 8:00 am):  FCR-STEM at FSU announces, Two-Week Summer Workshops for Science Teachers!  Huzzah! (h/t Curriculum Matters) An Institute of Education Sciences study demonstrates that optimally designed two-week summer workshops for middle school math teachers do not significantly … Continue reading

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Commissioner search postponed

The Orlando Sentinel reports that the Florida Board of Education has set a new deadline for applications to be the state’s Commissioner of Education – June 6.  The pool of nineteen applicants apparently did not provide enough strong candidates to … Continue reading

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“The very notion of the traditional classroom must be challenged.” – Governor Rick Scott, from his veto message, May 26

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Florida Education Commissioner search sputters

Update (12:30 pm):  School Zone has a report.  It’s not quite waving a white flag, but the State Board will consider extending the application deadline in a conference call at 6 pm this evening (yes, Friday of Memorial Day weekend).  … Continue reading

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The university building Governor Scott did not veto

As far as I can tell, the only university building project that Governor Scott did not veto yesterday was a $35 million science building at Senator Alexander’s USF Polytechnic in Lakeland.  Senator Alexander is the Senate Budget Chief. The Alexander … Continue reading

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Massachusetts vs. Florida: Per pupil spending from the US Census Bureau

From Public Education Finances: 2009 (h/t Curriculum Matters)

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