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This week’s FSU Physics Colloquium: “Breaking the Myth of the ‘Non-Traditional’ Physicist: The Real Story About Employment for Physics Graduates”

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Meet the Parents: Probably the only way forward for STEM career preparation in Florida

There are about 2.7 million students in Florida’s public K-12 schools. It looks like I need to talk with their parents.  All of them. I spent a relatively small amount of time last week watching the webcasts of meetings of … Continue reading

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STEM Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program bills queued up in the Florida Legislature; loan forgiveness strategy supported by research

Bills have been filed in both Houses of the Florida Legislature to initiate a very modest loan forgiveness program for teachers in STEM fields. The bills, SB 274 and HB 403, would provide $16,000 in loan forgiveness for teachers who are … Continue reading

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What is the Purpose of Education, and why do we seem to be arguing about it?

The Purpose of Education is to provide opportunities to lead fulfilling and productive lives. That is my own formulation.  This statement of the Purpose of Education really shouldn’t be objectionable to anyone.  It says that we should prepare students both … Continue reading

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Republican legislators acknowledge Florida’s middle school problems by proposing study

Two Republican legislators from Polk County have filed companion bills to authorize a study of why Florida’s middle schools are performing significantly worse than the state’s elementary schools. The two legislators, Senator Kelli Stargel and Representative Colleen Burton, are the … Continue reading

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Can the advantages of a SCALE-UP learning environment be reproduced in a distance learning program?

We know that the social interactions among students and between students and instructors in a studio physics learning environment dramatically improve student learning. But can those social interactions and the collaborative hands-on learning environment that characterize a studio physics experience … Continue reading

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What does Florida need from its math and science teacher education programs?

There is a great deal of hand-wringing (and not much else) going on about the shortages of math and science teachers in Florida.  Inevitably, the state’s college- and university-based math and science teacher education programs come up during these discussions. … Continue reading

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Decisions on math and science that students make in high school can limit their STEM options in college

I frequently talk with FSU undergraduates or recent graduates who realize – too late – that the decisions they made in high school not to take courses like precalculus, chemistry or physics either limited their career options or put their … Continue reading

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A thank you to the FLDOE public information staff for their nation-leading transparency

This post is a heartfelt thank you to Cheryl Etters and her colleagues on the Florida Department of Education public information staff.  Their hospitality to me – as a private citizen who is not by any means a professional journalist … Continue reading

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College majors and salaries: A broad look across disciplines

Former Florida Senate President Tom Lee mentioned preparing high school students for the “political science business” during yesterday’s Senate Education Appropriations Subcommittee meeting, and it tweaked my interest enough to spend a few minutes going back to the report “The … Continue reading

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