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Minority Science and Math FCAT scores were still dire in 2010, but the worst is still to come (when the 2009 NAEP Science results finally arrive)

Over at Gradebook, Ron Matus reports on the results minority students achieved on the 2010 Science and Math FCAT exams.  The picture is dismal, just as you would expect from previous years’ results.  But for the “pretty much last in … Continue reading

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Florida vs. Georgia teacher salaries – the rest of the story

Gradebook reports that the St. Pete Times PolitiFact operation examined the claim by State Representative Marty Kiar (D-Davie) that “You can go to Georgia and make about $6,000 more a year as a teacher” and gave it the best grade … Continue reading

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Physics First in Chattanooga: Turning high school science “upside down”

The Chattanooga Times Free Press reports that the high schools in Hamilton County (which includes Chattanooga) are adopting a Physics First high school science curriculum.  As University of Tennessee-Chattanooga (UTC) Physics Professor Robert Marlowe says, “The physics is really the … Continue reading

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Florida science education: What to look for in 2011

SB 6, The Sequel: The new version of the teacher quality bill will be the dominant education story in the 2011 Florida Legislature, and it may have profound impacts on the way science teachers are educated and compensated.  If a … Continue reading

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Physics training influenced Richard Holbrooke’s approach to diplomacy

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson used the New York Times letters to the editor section to share a story about diplomatic titan Richard Holbrooke on the occasion of his passing on December 13.  Tyson noted that Holbrooke majored in physics for … Continue reading

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Three principles of teacher education from the Scott Transition Team

These three principles of teacher education were given by the Scott Education Transition Team in its report.  They are in the category “Teacher Quality” and are items “n”, “o” and “p”: Ensure better alignment between needs for K-12 educators with … Continue reading

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U.S. House passes America COMPETES – now onto the White House

Curriculum Matters reports that the America COMPETES Act, which authorizes federal research and education programs in the STEM fields, has passed the House of Representatives and is headed for the White House, where it is certain to garner President Obama’s … Continue reading

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Scott Education Transition Team recommends change in funding mechanism for postsecondary research and classroom facilities

The Scott Education Transition team is proposing that the plunge in the revenue stream available for the construction of research and classroom facilities at postsecondary institutions be addressed “with no additional burden on taxpayers by permanently raising the gross receipts … Continue reading

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Scott Education Transition Team addresses STEM teacher recruitment in report

Governor-elect Scott’s Education Transition Team has released its report and recommendations, and they have something to say about the supply of teachers in the STEM fields (in the first section, “Teacher Quality”, recommendation “q”): Allow postsecondary institutions to provide incentives … Continue reading

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America COMPETES Act passes the Senate

The Senate yesterday passed the American COMPETES Act, with changes to the bill the House passed in May.  The bill now heads back to the House for a possible last minute vote. Curriculum Matters notes that the Senate version, like … Continue reading

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