In Congress, 226 Lawyers vs 3 Scientists: George Gollin, particle physicist, wants to even the odds

From an e-mail Dr. Gollin sent to potential contributors:

Dear Colleague:
I’m George Gollin, a particle physicist at the University of Illinois. I’ve spent the last 25 years happily doing research and teaching students in Champaign. But now I’m doing something different and important: I’m running for the U.S. House of Representatives.
The challenges our government faces are becoming more complex all the time. From questions of war and peace to the consequences of anthropogenic climate change, our political leaders must understand and respond effectively to complicated situations for our common good.
But that’s not what is happening, is it? Instead of rising to the moment, Congress today is bogged down in rhetorical arguments, legalistic wrangling and ideological food fights.
We all know what could make Congress more effective: more science and more scientists.
As scientists, we are trained to find the facts and act on them. Those trained in the law have a different approach: to try to win an argument about the evidence. I mean no offense to our lawyer friends: it’s an honorable profession, and already well-represented in Washington.
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