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Is Florida’s teacher shortage ending?

In a recent article on, Chad Alderman of Bellweather Education Partners said that on a national level there are signals that the teacher shortage may be abating. To eliminate any confusion about the Florida situation, I am posting plots … Continue reading

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74% of undergraduate women physics majors responding to a survey reported that they had experienced sexual harassment in physics-related activities. How should we respond?

Each January, the American Physical Society holds a number of regional conferences for undergraduate women physics majors at sites around the nation. More than 1,000 women typically attend these conferences. At the 2017 conferences, the women physics majors were asked … Continue reading

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Fifty Orange County Public Schools middle school students visited FSU’s College of Medicine and National High Magnetic Field Laboratory on Tuesday. Now I want them to come be students here (preferably in my own classes).

Carlos Villa, the K-12 Outreach Coordinator for the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, had started to ask the twenty-five Orange County Public School students who he had been leading through an electromagnet exercise late Tuesday afternoon where they were going … Continue reading

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I believe in educational choice: Students arriving at college should be prepared to choose and succeed in any major, including engineering and science.

I believe in educational choice. I believe that when a new student steps onto the campus of Florida State University, or the University of Florida, or the University of Central Florida, or Florida Gulf Coast University, that student should be … Continue reading

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Florida will soon allow high school students to substitute a 3D printing certification for Geometry in the state’s graduation requirements

At present, the graduation requirements for Florida’s public high schools nominally include four credits in math and three in science. I use the word “nominally” because the state’s statutes presently allow students to substitute certain industry certifications for two of … Continue reading

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Convincing parents about the importance of high school math and science courses is necessary to improve preparation for college STEM majors

If we are going to open the doors of opportunity to careers in fields like engineering, physical sciences, computing and architecture for more middle and high school students, we are going to have to convince the parents of those students … Continue reading

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Swimming against the tide of Florida’s intensifying teacher shortage: Orange County Public Schools leaders visit with students and faculty at FSU’s Physics Department

Florida’s state government is not going to solve the state’s intensifying teacher shortage – at least not anytime soon. So it’s up to the districts and their leaders to look for new ways to recruit the strong teachers that their … Continue reading

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