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Where Florida’s science and engineering pipeline stands at the end of 2012

The public policy spotlight is focused on science and engineering programs at Florida’s universities, particularly the public universities.  The state’s leaders want the universities to graduate more workforce-ready scientists and engineers, and have even proposed a tuition scheme that would … Continue reading

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Maybe Florida should retract the “chemistry or physics” high school graduation requirement

Update (Wednesday morning):  Gradebook posted on this post and got a relatively vigorous discussion going.  Welcome to Gradebook readers who are visiting! ————————————————————————————————————————————————- The passage of Florida’s “chemistry or physics” high school graduation requirement, which is phasing in, brought on … Continue reading

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Here’s what the National Assessment of Educational Progress says about the science and engineering pipeline in 4th and 8th grades

For those of you caught up in the excitement of the 2nd place finish of Florida’s 4th graders in the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS), here’s a bit of cold water – results from the National Assessment of … Continue reading

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Orlando Sentinel op-ed: Does Florida have the guts to make K-12 science a priority?

Not yet, anyway. See the op-ed here.

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International reading result shows what Florida can do when it wants to

Florida’s number-two-in-the-world ranking in 4th grade reading in the Progress in International Literacy Study (see the Orlando Sentinel article here) shows what Florida’s school system can do when it sets a priority and makes a sustained commitment to that priority. If Florida … Continue reading

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Florida Board of Education appoints Indiana biology teacher as new Commish

Yes, Tony Bennett was a biology teacher.  Take a look at his CV.

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Orlando Sentinel: Florida science lags in new TIMMS results

From yesterday’s Sentinel article, a quote from USF’s science education icon, Gerry Meisels: “You want to compete internationally?” Meisels said.  “You’re going to have to invest and get the work force ready.  We have not seen that in Florida.”

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