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Hillsborough looking out of state for math and science teachers

Fox 13 News in Tampa is reporting that the Hillsborough County school district is sending recruiters out of state – way out of state – to recruit teachers in critical needs fields, including math and science.  Fox 13 reporter Doug … Continue reading

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Lesson from Texas: Is an Algebra I EOC meltdown coming in Florida?

Hat tip to Jeff Solochek at Gradebook for this bit of cheer: Texas has had a meltdown in its first crack at an Algebra I end-of-course exam. Is Florida next?  We’ll see in the spring.

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Biology by Inquiry?

Brandon Haught – a new science teacher and (incidentally) Communications Director and blogger for the Florida Citizens for Science – asked, “By any chance is there a Biology by Inquiry for high school?” I’m not aware of such a curriculum, … Continue reading

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Showing my cards: Inquiry in my classroom

Since there is a bit of commenting going on about Ellen Granger’s talk, I thought that – in the interest of transparency – I’d show you what I’m up to.  A look at my 72-student classroom will make it pretty … Continue reading

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Rick Scott on education

Commenter Paul Ruscher got me straightened out on Rick Scott’s education views. Here ya go.

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Inquiry-based science teaching tested in Central Florida district

An FSU researcher yesterday reported on the results of a large scale study of inquiry-based teaching in space science conducted in 4th and 5th grade classes in elementary schools in an unnamed Central Florida school district from 2007 to 2009.  … Continue reading

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RTTT and STEM in Florida: Will it matter?

Curriculum Matters published a summary of the STEM initiatives in the winning RTTT Round 2 proposals.  CM blogger Erik Robelen pronounced all the winning states’ STEM plans “substantive.”  Here is how he summarized Florida’s initiative: Florida will hire 20 STEM … Continue reading

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Public education: Does Rick Scott get it?

Honest – I had no intention of posting a snotty anti-Rick Scott message this morning.  I really just wanted to link to his plan for public education. But this is what I found:  Go to Mr. Scott’s “Issues” page here.  … Continue reading

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Florida wins RTTT Round 2

Florida joins Massachusetts, New York, Hawaii, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island and Washington, D.C. as 2nd round winners. Florida’s prize is $700 million. Coverage from the Orlando Sentinel.

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RTTT Round 2 winners to be announced today – and it’s Florida Election Day!

Two big events today: The Round 2 Race to the Top winners will be announced in a press conference at 1:00 pm. And today is Florida’s Election Day, Round 1.

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