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Dear Governors and State Legislators: Do we want more students to become engineers and scientists? Or not? Differential tuition policies impact students’ choice of fields.

All over the nation, education policy-makers and political leaders say they want more students to pursue careers in the economically important and lucrative fields of engineering and science.  It’s even more important that we give students from disadvantaged backgrounds access to these … Continue reading

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What are universities for?

The proposal to change the Wisconsin higher education system mission statement that Governor Scott Walker claimed was simply an error in his budget document restarted discussion of the mission of public higher education.  This discussion seems to be polarized along … Continue reading

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PLTW CEO says program’s students take more advanced courses in math and science

At yesterday’s press conference on Project Lead the Way’s new push with the Orange County Public Schools, PLTW CEO Vince Bertram said, “When students start to take our courses, we see them taking more advanced courses in math and science,” … Continue reading

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The Project Lead the Way engineering program: Is it engineering-without-physics?

Every semester, I’m blown away by the fact that about a quarter of the engineering majors in my introductory physics classes did not take physics in high school.  I wonder what these students could possibly have been thinking in high … Continue reading

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