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Leading opponent of evolution education predicted “exodus” from traditional public schools when Florida’s science standards were adopted

The Florida Legislature continues to debate the expansion of the state’s tax credit scholarship program.  With large Republican majorities in both houses, the proposal is certain to succeed if a difference of opinion between the presiding officers of the two … Continue reading

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Tax credit scholarship schools should demonstrate that their students are meeting Florida’s academic standards in all subjects…including science!

The Florida Legislature is nearing a collision between the House and Senate on a plan to dramatically expand the Tax Credit Scholarship Program that provides support for students from families of modest means to attend private schools.  The expansion would … Continue reading

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My message to middle and high school students: Keep taking math and science!

From my meeting with 8th – 12th graders at Orlando Science Schools on Friday:

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Update on computer-for-math-or-science substitution in SB 790

Update (Wednesday 9:30 am):  I will confess that I find the language of the amendment somewhat confusing, and I may have sold it short yesterday.  So here’s the language right from the amendment (627080) that was adopted at the Senate Education … Continue reading

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What the Florida Board of Education SHOULD do about two of its “Critical Teacher Shortage” subjects

From‘s 2014 College Salary Report: Starting salary for a new bachelor’s degree grad in Physics:  $53,100 Starting salary for a new bachelor’s degree grad in Mathematics:  $49,400 Starting salary for a new teacher in Florida:  less than $40,000 What … Continue reading

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Florida Board of Education prepares to designate science and math as “Critical Teacher Shortage Areas for 2014-2015” and to do, well, you know…

The issue (from the Executive Summary in the agenda materials for the March 18 meeting of the SBOE): Florida Statutes require the State Board of Education to approve areas of critical teacher shortage. State Board Rule requires the Commissioner to recommend … Continue reading

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Will the Florida Legislature snatch defeat from the jaws of victory? A good thing (computer programming instruction in the K-12 schools) becomes a bad thing for math, science and innovation

Update (Friday evening):  Here is a letter to the editor in Saturday morning’s Orlando Sentinel written in response to a story on the computer programming-for-physical education substitution in SB 790. Senate Bill 790 was originally filed with a provision that would have … Continue reading

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About your State of the State address, Governor Scott: The universities need some help from K-12 to steer more students into the highest-paying careers

Yes, I actually sent this letter to Governor Scott this morning… Dear Governor Scott: I appreciate your mention in today’s State of the State Address of the importance of our universities educating students in fields where they can get great … Continue reading

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Online physics education: Our K-12 policy-makers must learn how students learn science

The American Physical Society’s Forum on Education, which I presently chair, publishes a newsletter three times per year that includes research and position articles in addition to announcements.  The Spring 2014 issue, which was recently released, features articles on online … Continue reading

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