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Florida is doing significantly better in elementary and middle school science, says a national exam. What’s the next step for building the state’s STEM career preparation pipeline?

There was good news for Florida’s students and parents last week:  The state has made significant improvements in student achievement in elementary and middle school science, according to the results of the 2015 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) released … Continue reading

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Bay County’s Mosley High School rising quickly in preparing students for STEM careers

A year ago, Bay County’s Mosley High School looked at itself in the math and science mirror and didn’t like what it saw. So Mosley teachers and administrators worked with guidance counselors in the MAPPS (Mosley Advanced Placement Program for … Continue reading

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Not all FSU majors in science/math/computing are created equal: Salaries for bachelors’ degree grads

In a previous post, I may have caused some confusion regarding the State University System’s metrics within its performance funding program.  I’m writing this to clear up that confusion. FSU struggles with three of the performance funding metrics:  percentage of … Continue reading

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FSU’s closest competition at the bottom of the SUS undergraduate STEM ranking makes big move to improve

One of the metrics in the State University System’s performance funding model is the percentage of bachelor’s degrees awarded by an institution that are in “Programs of Strategic Emphasis”, which includes STEM fields.  For the most recent measured year, 2014-15, … Continue reading

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Self-satisfied Leon County Schools should look to Seminole County as a role model

A decorated Leon County teacher recently argued on Facebook that incumbent Superintendent of Schools Jackie Pons should be reelected because Leon is the best school district in the state. The campaign for Leon County School Superintendent should have been about … Continue reading

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The Miami Herald’s Mary Ellen Klas shows that many Florida families are taking an economic beating. How should we respond?

While Miami Herald political reporter Mary Ellen Klas was writing the article “Recession still has Floridians reeling and anxious about election” that appeared today and and while she was collecting the reams of data that are available interactively on the Herald website, she was focusing … Continue reading

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If you are a high school telling your college-bound students (and their parents) that you are preparing them for great careers, but they are not all taking chemistry, physics, precalculus and (better yet) calculus, then you are not telling them the truth…

…because you are not preparing them for almost all the careers in this plot of the top 25 college majors for salary. Seventeen of these top 25 majors have the word “engineering” in them.  Physics is ranked 15th.  The list … Continue reading

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FSU’s undergraduate program in physics recognized as a national model in APS/AAPT joint report

Florida State University’s undergraduate program in physics has been featured in a new report on the future of undergraduate physics programs assembled by the Joint Task Force on Undergraduate Physics Programs (J-TUPP). The “Joint” indicates that the task force was … Continue reading

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FSU may be preparing to build its last teaching building ever. And it will be a building for the College of Business.

Florida’s Board of Governors is doubling down on expanding online education.  And the state’s economists are warning of a sharp increase in state budget shortfalls coming soon. So it’s quite possible that Florida State University is about to embark on … Continue reading

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How Florida is doing in preparing high school students for STEM careers and what to do about it: Today’s FSU Physics Colloquium talk

Thank you to everyone who came out to my FSU Physics Colloquium talk today.  The power point for the talk is here: colloquium_6oct16

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