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Coming in for a landing: Embattled Nobel physicist and science education reformer Carl Wieman arrives at Stanford

From Science Insider: The physics Nobelist and former White House science education czar has been named a faculty member in both the physics department and Stanford’s Graduate School of Education.  Wieman joined the Obama administration in 2010 from the University of … Continue reading

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Fifty years after the March on Washington, Blacks and Hispanics still severely underrepresented in the physical sciences and engineering

The data in the figures below are tabulated by the National Science Foundation from 2006.  

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It’s not just me: Fordham study shows STEM very high priority for parents

The Fordham Institute has released a report on “what parents want” based on a survey of 2,000 parents.  The results demonstrate that two priorities are far and away most important – “a strong core curriculum in reading and math”, and … Continue reading

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Is the math requirement for Florida’s “Scholar” high school diploma designation too hard?

Let’s follow the story from this morning’s Pensacola News-Journal about Florida’s new three-pronged high school diploma scheme: On top of getting a standard diploma, Florida high school students now can work toward two academic designations that will give them a little more … Continue reading

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An immodest proposal for improving high school science and the science and engineering pipeline in Florida

Recent improvements in Advanced Placement science courses offer Florida’s high schools the opportunity to improve the preparation of their students for careers in science, engineering and other STEM fields and to assume a position of national leadership in the AP … Continue reading

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Florida 49th on ACT science section, but science is not on the agenda for the state’s education summit

You can see the Tampa Bay Times article on next week’s Florida Education Summit here. And you can see the state rankings on the 2013 ACT science section here.

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Why I pick on biology

Biology is the predominant K-12 science subject – almost the “official K-12 science subject” – of the State of Florida, and many other states as well.  I occasionally note, both on this blog and in op-eds (which are much more … Continue reading

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2013 ACT science results not pretty for Florida

Yeah, it’s that time of year again.  The time when we reveal Florida’s ranking on the ACT Science section. This year it’s 49th out of 51 (all states including DC).  The states behind us this year are Mississippi and North … Continue reading

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Science and engineering workforce: Florida ranked 35th in percentage of workforce in S&E

A new National Science Foundation report shows that Florida is not a great science and engineering state, despite its aeronautical heritage. Only 3.0% of Florida’s workforce is in science and engineering occupations, well behind the national average of 4.1% and … Continue reading

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From Ed Week’s Erik Robelen: No scientists on Iowa’s NGSS review committee

Education Week’s Erik Robelen noted that the committee that Iowa has assembled to review the Next Generation Science Standards for the state does not include any scientists. Maybe they figure that scientists have already done enough damage.

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