More financial incentives for math and physics teachers in UK

From The Guardian:

The education secretary is considering an extra £5,000 carrot to attract maths and physics graduates into teaching, in an effort to solve the long-running shortage of qualified specialists in crucial subjects.

In a speech at the Policy Exchange on Thursday, Michael Gove will say more needs to be done to fill vacancies for maths and science teachers – and hint at changes to school-based teacher training programmes that have so far had disappointing results.

“We will soon be announcing even greater incentives in shortage subjects, where recruitment has historically been most difficult, and we will do even more to encourage would-be teachers to study maths and physics at A-level and beyond.”

A Department for Education source said: “We are keen to continue attracting the best maths and physics graduates. It is important that we are offering the incentives to ensure that we can do that. That is why we are considering increasing bursaries for high-class recruits in these subjects by £5,000. We also need new ways to get those with maths and physics A-levels teaching.”


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