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Recruit great teachers from around the nation to address Florida’s middle school math challenge

From this morning’s Tallahassee Democrat: The state’s middle school students are struggling in math. And in a 21st century economy that relies heavily on innovation in science and technology and in which our kids will be in a desperate competition … Continue reading

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AP Science: Even in biology, Florida is average

Florida has pushed hard to get more students involved the Advanced Placement program, and the state’s education leaders have bragged about their success in this. And the state has made a conscious decision to emphasize biology over other sciences in … Continue reading

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Low-hanging fruit for producing more engineers and physical scientists: Get more high schoolers through AP Calculus AB

If you are a first-year student at my university who shows up to major in engineering, math or physics and you don’t already have credit for the first calculus course – via the first Advanced Placement calculus course or by … Continue reading

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Fear of pressure, fear of progress: Parents and schools hold kids back from being internationally competitive

I hear this from parents way too often:  I don’t want my children to be pushed too hard in the classroom.  I don’t want them to be upset by their schoolwork.  If I (the parent) have difficulty with the homework … Continue reading

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Despite Florida’s overall AP success, the state is only average on AP courses that lead to science and engineering careers

Florida may be near the top of the nation in the percentage of high school students earning Advanced Placement credit, but on AP exams that prepare students for science and engineering careers, the state is only average. Florida placed 19th … Continue reading

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Physics majors fall a place to 2nd in LSAT rankings, but maintain 2nd place on MCAT

The American Institute of Physics reports that physics majors fell a place in the ranking of how well different college majors perform on the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT), from 1st to 2nd.  The major that nosed ahead?  Math, of … Continue reading

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From the Lakeland Ledger’s Gary White: Science and faith in Florida

The Lakeland Ledger’s Gary White has published a two-part series contrasting Florida’s public push for more STEM careers with the public resistance to the teaching of evolution, climate change and cosmology. Here is part one from the Sunday edition, and here is … Continue reading

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