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Good news: FL Senate Ed Comm chair still not completely happy with high school grad requirements

Here’s some good news:  James Call at the Florida Current reports that Florida Senate Education Committee Chair John Legg isn’t completely happy with the three high school graduation tracks set up by SB 1076, the bill that was wrestled through … Continue reading

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Why Algebra 2 should be required for high school graduation

The detailed argument for including Algebra 2 in high school graduation requirements, by the provocateur who got UTeach off the ground, University of Texas-Austin physics professor Michael Marder: marder_algebra2 My favorite bit discusses the assertion that requiring Algebra 2 causes … Continue reading

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Dallas Morning News on the battle for Algebra 2 in Texas: foes say it’s not needed by “graduates entering the workforce after high school and those pursuing arts and humanities studies in college”

From the Dallas Morning News report on yesterday’s State Board of Education meeting: Efforts to require that most Texas high school students take Algebra II under new graduation standards suffered a blow Wednesday when the chairmen of the House and Senate education committees … Continue reading

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Achieve, Inc. agrees: Florida’s high school graduation options are college-ready, career-ready, and none of the above

H/T Ed Week’s College Bound blog I argued back in June that Florida’s three new high school graduation options are college-ready (the “Scholar” track), career-ready (the “Merit” track) and none of the above (the new standard diploma). It turns out it’s … Continue reading

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Oh SNAP! Even with weighting for socioeconomics, Florida’s ranking on 2011 NAEP science exam is dismal

The simple scheme proposed here last week to adjust NAEP state proficiency rates for socioeconomics attracted a little attention (School Zone post here) and some positive comments from people I respect.  In ranking states according to their performances on the 2013 … Continue reading

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Science Can’t Wait: An op-ed in today’s Tallahassee Democrat

From my piece in this morning’s Democrat: What is worrying Shea, the Sumter County Teacher of the Year, is the implementation of the Common Core standards, the new multistate standards in K-12 math and English language arts that have been adopted … Continue reading

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Florida is at the top in reading and farther down in math. So what should Florida do?

The answer to this question is crystal clear:  a full court press on K-8 math. What would such a full court press look like?  It would have two components – improving the performance of the state’s present K-8 math teaching … Continue reading

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