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Southern Regional Education Board: Florida has had a great decade of progress in education (but they left out science)

Gradebook blogged yesterday on a new report from the influential Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) titled “Florida – A Decade of Progress”. Among the highlights from the report that Gradebook quoted was this: In 2011, Florida’s fourth-graders outperformed the nation … Continue reading

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Florida universities as a “farm team” for other states’ universities: Be careful not to carry the analogy too far

A few years ago, a very earnest young woman in my class was expressing her concerns about the future of her university (and mine).  With a complete lack of guile, she said, “Dr. Cottle, all the good professors have left … Continue reading

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Next Generation Science Standards: NSTA releases statement expressing frustration with draft and process

This is NOT the controversy over the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) that we were expecting. The National Science Teachers Association has released a statement expressing deep frustration with the most recent public draft and the development process.  They say … Continue reading

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STEM and Bright Futures: Can Florida’s public universities attract strong students? Steven Kurlander says they can’t, but…

In his Huffington Post piece arguing against a STEM emphasis for Florida’s Bright Futures scholarship program, Sun Sentinel columnist Steve Kurlander argues that the state’s public universities aren’t strong enough in math, science and engineering to attract strong students: And let’s be realistic. The … Continue reading

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It’s time for a serious debate about Florida’s Bright Futures scholarships and math, science and engineering fields – but this piece in the Huffington Post doesn’t contribute to it

The Sun-Sentinel’s Steven Kurlander has a piece on the Huffington Post complaining about the possibility that Florida’s Bright Futures college scholarship program may be modified to favor students majoring in STEM fields during the next legislative session.  There are several … Continue reading

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In wake of BOG tuition roulette, Governor’s Higher Ed Task Force prepares to examine university performance measurements

If you’ve been skeptical that Florida’s State University System needs a better set of performance metrics, yesterday’s Board of Governors tuition roulette wheel should have cured you (stories here from the Miami Herald, Orlando Sentinel and Tampa Bay Times). Governor … Continue reading

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Saying the obvious: A new online Florida university would not address the state’s need for scientists or engineers

Regarding Speaker-designate Will Weatherford’s proposal (laid out in a recent issue of the Tallahassee Democrat) for an entirely online university: It goes without saying that such an institution could not educate professionals in the natural sciences and engineering. So if … Continue reading

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Governor’s Higher Ed Task Force looking for a few good parents

The Governor’s Higher Education Task Force is holding a workshop for soliciting input from parents of Florida high school and university students on July 26 at St. Petersburg College. From the task force web site: Parents with Florida High School … Continue reading

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NAEP Governing Board Chair on hands-on science study: “It’s tragic that our students are only grasping the basics”

Update (Wednesday morning):  Here is a link to the story on Education Week. The National Assessment of Educational Progress released the results of its study of students’ facility with hands-on and interactive computer tasks this morning.  From the School Zone … Continue reading

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Response to Governor Bush: Virtual science classes aren’t yet ready for prime time

In an essay posted on the school choice advocacy blog redefinED, Jeb Bush evoked a picture that he might have thought would be an attractive, even halcyon scene for an old science professor like me to ponder: With the creation … Continue reading

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