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Why didn’t anyone care about the legislative proposal for the Florida Best and Brightest Teacher Scholarship Program?

Most of what I write on this blog is of interest to only a small group of people, or expresses a viewpoint out of step with everyone else, or is so personal that no one else could possibly be interested. … Continue reading

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Florida Legislature’s proposal would base $10K annual teacher bonuses in part on teachers’ own SAT/ACT scores. Does the research on teacher effectiveness support such a proposal?

Update Tuesday, April 28, 4:45 pm:  With the sudden and unexpected termination of the House session this afternoon, it is likely that the Florida Best and Brightest Teacher Scholarship Program – along with lots of other initiatives moving through the … Continue reading

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With its new high school, Orlando Science Schools breaks into Washington Post’s national challenge ranking

A media release from the Orlando Science Schools: The Washington Post released an article naming the top 2300 Most Challenging Top Ranked Schools in the Nation with OSHS coming in at # 56 in the nation and ranking #13 in … Continue reading

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Florida needs its elementary school teachers to be better educated in science, but FSU’s e-series course rules block one effort to address this

My regular readers (both of you) were probably completely puzzled by my spoof post on the rules regulating FSU’s e-series courses, which are the university’s signature liberal arts courses.  They are intended to be instructional models.  As only the most … Continue reading

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FSU to require mathematical component in premier courses on literature and music (Corrected!)

See correction at the bottom!! The Florida State University Faculty Senate has passed a new rule regarding literature and music courses in the university’s signature e-series liberal arts program that will require each of these courses to include a mathematical … Continue reading

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Women, Hispanics also underrepresented among Florida’s AP math and science exam passers

While the underrepresentation of black students among Florida’s AP exam passers in math and science is profound, the underrepresentation of females among these students is severe in some of these subjects as well.  And Hispanics are underrepresented as well, although not … Continue reading

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Is Florida’s AP program really overflowing with success? It’s probably more realistic to say that the glass is half empty.

If you are a Florida education policy-maker who read last week’s posts by Ron Matus at and Mike Thomas at Ed Fly about the 2014 Advanced Placement cohort report released by the Florida Department of Education, you could be … Continue reading

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