My PhET-based exercises for calculus-based introductory physics

I will be developing exercises for my own calculus-based introductory physics classes using PhET simulations over the coming months, and I will post pdf’s of these on this page. A reader will note that the exercises are written in the voice I use when I am speaking to my students in class, and what I write is somewhat context-dependent. I will be glad to provide a Word version of these exercises to anyone who requests one (so they can alter the text) by emailing me at my FSU address.

As far as I am aware, the strongest research support for the approach I am taking here was published by Noah Finkelstein and collaborators in 2005 in Physical Review Special Topics – Physics Education Research. (Vol. 1, 010103) That paper can be downloaded here:

I am not claiming any special expertise – I am not a physics education researcher. Instead, I am a front-line college-level physics educator trying to do the best I can with the tools I have.

Vector Operations

Motion in Two Dimensions in a Gravitational Field

Energy in a Skate Park

Hooke’s Law and Energy


The Motion of a Mass Hanging on a Spring

Magnetic Induction

AC Circuits – Introduction

AC Circuits – Capacitive Reactance

AC Circuits – Inductive Reactance

AC Circuits – RLC Circuits and Resonance

Electromagnetic Waves – Introduction

Electromagnetic Waves – Refraction

Electromagnetic Waves – Diffraction