FSU’s Studio Physics Program continues to progress with renovation of new SCALE-UP classroom


The new SCALE-UP classroom being renovated on the 3rd floor of Carothers Hall.

The capacity of FSU’s Studio Physics Program will expand this fall with the opening of a new 81-seat SCALE-UP classroom on the 3rd floor of the university’s Carothers Hall.

The newly renovated classroom will join two other SCALE-UP classrooms – one a 72-seat room in HCB and the second a 63-seat room also on the Carothers 3rd floor – in FSU’s science studio inventory.

The new renovation project was prompted by strong demand for the two existing SCALE-UP classrooms – and not only for studio physics classes.  Several of the Physics Department’s large lecture classes have switched their recitation meetings to a group problem-solving format that resembles studio-style instruction.  In addition, the College of Communication and Information and the Department of Computer Science compete with the Physics Department for time in the SCALE-UP classrooms, which are controlled by the university’s Registrar.

The competition for class time in the existing SCALE-UP room was so intense last fall that one of the weekly class periods for a Studio Physics course was held in a large lecture hall because neither of the SCALE-UP classrooms were available.

FSU’s Studio Physics Program serves about 250 students each semester.  The program is based on the now-iconic combination of classroom design and pedagogy developed by Robert Beichner at North Carolina State University which has been adopted by more than 300 colleges and universities around the nation.  Student learning gains are measured each semester, and the results are consistently world-class.  The Studio Physics Program has been well supported by the university’s administration since its inception a decade ago.  A national task force cited the Studio Physics Program when it selected FSU’s undergraduate program in physics as one of five national models for a report published late last year.


FSU’s first studio classroom, located on the 3rd floor of HCB.



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