Best and Brightest: And of course there are terrific science teachers that fall through the cracks because they never took the ACT or SAT

I heard from Florida Citizens for Science Communications Director Brandon Haught, who is teaching environmental science at University High School in Volusia County.  Brandon also served in the Marines from 1988 to 2000.  Here is what he had to say:

I have no chance of ever getting a cut of the Best & Brightest bonus. I never took the SAT or ACT. I served in the Marine Corps right after high school. Years later I started taking college classes at a community college, which didn’t require me taking those tests. I then transferred to university, once again without having to take SAT/ACT.

So, yes, I’m very frustrated with this boneheaded bonus program. No matter how great I ever become as a teacher, I’ll never get the cash reward.

And that is something else to think about.  The issue of teacher incentives is complex, serious and personal.

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