AP Science: Even in biology, Florida is average

Florida has pushed hard to get more students involved the Advanced Placement program, and the state’s education leaders have bragged about their success in this.

And the state has made a conscious decision to emphasize biology over other sciences in its K-12 program.

So the state must be doing well in AP Biology, right?

Well, not so much.

Only 2.1% of Florida’s 2012 high school graduates had credit for AP Biology, a rate which ranks the state 25th in the nation.

Massachusetts leads the nation in this category, with 5.5% of its 2012 high school grads having AP Biology credit.  And it’s not just the northeastern states leading Florida.  The southeastern states in front of Florida include North Carolina (2.6%), South Carolina (2.4%) and Georgia (2.4%).

The situation is about the same in chemistry.  For the percentage of 2012 high school grads having AP Chemistry credit, Florida ranks 24th at 2.1%, behind leader Massachusetts (3.5%) and southeastern states South Carolina and Georgia (both at 2.4%).

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