Oh SNAP! Even with weighting for socioeconomics, Florida’s ranking on 2011 NAEP science exam is dismal

The simple scheme proposed here last week to adjust NAEP state proficiency rates for socioeconomics attracted a little attention (School Zone post here) and some positive comments from people I respect.  In ranking states according to their performances on the 2013 NAEP reading and math assessments using the parameter (called the Socioeconomic NAEP Achievement Parameter, or SNAP), I concluded that Florida is a top performer in reading (ranked 1st for 4th grade and 3rd for 8th grade), but somewhat lower in math (10th for 4th grade, 12th for 8th grade).  I commented that a full-court press on math would be in order for our state.

Science was not included in the 2013 NAEP assessment, but science was assessed at the 8th grade level in 2011.  So I performed the same simple analysis for the 2011 8th grade science assessment as I had for the 2013 reading and math assessments.

Here’s the outcome for Florida:  an ugly ranking of 27th.

The spreadsheet is here:


Since Governor Bush’s administration, Florida has led the nation in its focus on the core subjects of reading and math – and in particular reading (“Just Read, Florida!”).  However, despite the state’s heritage in space travel the idea of delivering world-class science instruction on a large scale has not caught on.

It needs to.

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