Science Can’t Wait: An op-ed in today’s Tallahassee Democrat

From my piece in this morning’s Democrat:

What is worrying Shea, the Sumter County Teacher of the Year, is the implementation of the Common Core standards, the new multistate standards in K-12 math and English language arts that have been adopted by 45 states. The Common Core is an important effort to raise student achievement by implementing rigorous standards that allow comparisons among states and between American and international students.

But the Common Core does not include science. It is likely that the first round of results from tests that measure Common Core competencies in math and English language arts will deliver a rude shock to most participating states. Policy-makers in those states will be sorely tempted to reallocate resources from non-Common Core subjects such as science in an effort to improve their students’ math and English language arts skills, thus further eroding the states’ science programs.

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