College majors and salaries: A broad look across disciplines

Former Florida Senate President Tom Lee mentioned preparing high school students for the “political science business” during yesterday’s Senate Education Appropriations Subcommittee meeting, and it tweaked my interest enough to spend a few minutes going back to the report “The Economic Value of College Majors” that was published by the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce in 2015.  I frequently cite the top 25 college majors for salary from that report, but here is a somewhat broader ranking that includes majors available at FSU.

There are three things about the chart below to keep in mind.  First, this is for graduates that only have a bachelor’s degree – they have not earned a graduate or professional degree.  Second, the salaries are averaged over a broad range of ages (25-59).  Third, the salaries are in 2013 dollars.

You’ll notice that Senator Lee’s favorite major, Political Science, is pretty much in the middle.  I’ll note again for the record that of the top 25 majors, 17 have the word “engineering” in them.  Physics, Computer Science, Economics and Applied Math are also in the top 25.  Several of the top 25 are not included in the chart below because they are not offered at FSU.


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