Only 19 Florida school districts offering AP Computer Science

As the Florida Board of Education prepares to adopt computer science standards for the state’s K-12 schools, it’s worth taking a look at where the state’s school districts stand on the subject right now.

Of the state’s 67 school districts, only 19 offered AP Computer Science this year.  In fact, the concentration of AP Computer Science students is even more striking than that.  In Seminole County, there are more than five AP Computer Science students for every 100 12th graders.  Using that metric, the next highest district is Alachua at 3.5 per 100 12th graders.  Brevard is at 2.7.  No other district is above 2.0.  (Spring 2016 statistics come from the Florida Department of Education web site)

Perhaps the most striking statistic is that the Florida Virtual School accounts for about 20% of the enrollment of AP Computer Science in the state’s public schools.  There are 2,006 students enrolled in AP Computer Science in district schools, while FLVS enrolls another 490.


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