AP in Florida: Strong in English, social sciences and Spanish; just average in calculus and science

This morning’s article in the Orlando Sentinel on AP and SAT scores said that Florida is ranked 8th in the nation for the percentage of high school grads having passed at least one AP test. While the state’s students perform well on AP exams in English, social sciences and Spanish, they are only average in calculus and science (as demonstrated in the attached post from April). It’s worth noting that Florida is much farther behind the national average in the math SAT (Florida class of 2014 average of 485 vs. the national 2013 average of 514) than it is in critical reading (Florida class of 2014 average of 491 vs. national class of 2013 average of 496). Reading is a high priority in Florida, and math is not (along with science). Both AP and SAT scores bear that out.

Bridge to Tomorrow

Here is a list of percentages of 2013 high school graduates in Florida and the US earning scores of 3 or better on individual AP examinations from the 2014 AP Report to the Nation.  The higher percentage (Florida or US) is highlighted.  The results are sorted into the same categories used in the AP report.

Math and Science

Subject               Florida           US

Biology                2.39%            2.99%

Calculus AB       4.22%            4.27%

Calculus BC        1.81%            2.08%

Chemistry           1.59%            1.94%

Computer Sci    0.29%            0.47%

Environ Sci        3.48% …

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