Update on computer-for-math-or-science substitution in SB 790

Update (Wednesday 9:30 am):  I will confess that I find the language of the amendment somewhat confusing, and I may have sold it short yesterday.  So here’s the language right from the amendment (627080) that was adopted at the Senate Education Appropriations Subcommittee a little while ago:

“High school computer science courses of sufficient rigor, as identified by the commissioner, such that one credit in computer science and the earning of related industry certifications constitute the equivalent of up to one credit of mathematics requirement, with the exception of Algebra 1 or higher level mathematics, or up to one credit of science requirement, with the exception of Biology 1 or higher level science, for high school graduation.  Computer science courses and technology-related industry certifications that are identified as eligible for meeting mathematics or science requirements for high school graduation shall be included in the Course Code Directory.”

Got it?


The Education Appropriations Subcommittee of the Florida Senate is considering SB 790 at its meeting tomorrow morning.  The bill presently includes a provision that would allow a computer programming course to be substituted for a math or science course in meeting high school graduation requirements.

An amendment to the bill has been filed that changes the phrase “computer programming” to “computer science”.  If the amendment is approved, the bill would read that a “computer science” course may be substituted for a math or science course in the high school graduation requirements.

I will leave it to the reader to determine the significance of this change.

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