Thanks to the Seattle Times, I finally understand what MOOC’s are about

I get it now, thanks to the Seattle Times.  This is what the Times says about MOOC’s:

By now you’re surely wondering: Why would any university — especially now, when so many are straining to pay the bills — give away the store?

Each has answers. But basically it comes down to these: To serve the greater good. To win a public-relations race. And, most especially, to enhance reputations.

Yup, it’s to win a public-relations race and to enhance the institutional reputation.  It’s certainly not about student learning, at least not in my field, physics.  Look how MIT teaches physics to its own students in its TEAL classrooms while beaming recorded physics lectures to the world for free.

Oh yeah, I forgot the “greater good” thing.  Are MOOC’s for the “greater good”?  Not so much.

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