Which college majors score best on the Law School Admissions Test? Here are the top ten for 2017-18.

How do students whose college majors are physics, engineering, or the mathematical and computational sciences do on the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT)?

In 2017-18, all of those fields were represented in the top ten college majors ranked by “Mean Highest LSAT” score by the Law School Admissions Council.

The numbers of students in fields like physics, engineering and mathematics taking the LSAT in 2017-18 were relatively small, as they are each year. Only 133 physics majors took the LSAT, compared to 11,947 political science majors. In all, 129,165 students took the LSAT in 2017-18.

As the reader can see in the list of the top ten majors below, only one of the top ten was not in physics, engineering or the mathematical and computational sciences – and that was classics.

For comparison, the average “Mean Highest LSAT” score earned by political science majors was 153.62. The highest possible score on the test is 180.

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