I was wrong about physics at Tallahassee’s Catholic high school: They offer physics, and in fact their physics teacher has a master’s degree in geophysics.

Joanna Copenhaver, the Principal at Tallahassee’s St. John Paul II Catholic High School, wrote to me last week to take exception to the statement I made in a blog post last week that her school doesn’t offer physics.

Copenhaver pointed out that they do indeed offer a physics class, and that it is taught by an individual with a master’s degree in geophysics from Texas A&M University. Many Florida high schools – both public and private – would be thrilled to have a physics teacher with that kind of academic credential.

The blog post argued that while Florida’s Catholic high schools are superbly positioned to lead the state in preparing students for college majors in fields like engineering and the physical sciences, my experience in my own classroom indicates that those schools are falling far short of their potential.

It’s clear that St. John Paul II is making an effort to do a good job in this. Copenhaver pointed out that her school offers AP Calculus and AP Computer Science as well.

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