School Choice and Competition: Indeed, A Good Thing (A response from Bay Haven Charter Academy)

After my post comparing Lynn Haven’s Mosley High School with North Bay Haven Career Academy was published, I received word that the Bay Haven Charter Academy administration had some concerns with it.  I offered to post a response and to visit North Bay Haven to learn more about their programs.  Here is the response from Bay Haven’s Chief Academic Officer, Larry Bolinger.  I am looking forward to visiting with Mr. Bolinger and others soon. 

I want to thank Dr. Cottle for his offer to allow me to respond to his recent post comparing two high schools in Bay County: Mosley and North Bay Haven. Being the third principal of Mosley High School (1994-96), I can certainly agree with Dr. Cottle’s assessment of Mosley’s many successful academic programs.

I can also say the same of North Bay Haven and respectfully disagree with his view on North Bay Haven, for it offers many equally successful academic programs.

Dr. Cottle has graciously offered to visit North Bay and meet with us, so that we may share with him firsthand our many successes. We look forward to his visit!


Larry R. Bolinger

Chief Education Officer
Bay Haven Charter Academy, Inc.


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