This is the group of instructors that has carried me through my Studio Physics course this semester. And they are showing why we need to be face-to-face with our students to have the best outcomes.


The four instructors in the picture above have carried me through my second semester calculus-based Studio Physics course this semester.  They are (from left):  Undergraduate Learning Assistant Kirsty Scott, Department Teaching Lab Coordinator Barbara Reyes, Graduate Teaching Assistant Lakshmi Bhaskaran and Graduate Teaching Assistant Danielle Simmons.  Lakshmi and Danielle will be completing their Ph.D.’s in experiment condensed matter physics shortly.

They are shown preparing for next week’s lab on AC circuits.  One thing to notice is that physically wiring and measuring these circuits is a fundamentally different learning experience than using a simulation online.  The other thing to notice is how they are working and talking together.  You can’t have that online, either.

In conclusion, I have one thing to say to those who insist (without supporting evidence) that online classes are completely equivalent to any physical class:  You can’t touch this!

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