Member of the Florida Board of Governors responds to my Orlando Sentinel op-ed “State’s push for online studies will hurt STEM students”

Ned Lauterbach, a member of the Florida Board of Governors, responds to my op-ed on online STEM learning in tomorrow morning’s Orlando Sentinel.

Lauterbach doesn’t actually address my arguments about boosting student learning and serving underrepresented populations.  It’s likely he has never seen a Studio/SCALE-UP science class, so he knows only the traditional lecture model.

If Lauterbach were interested, I’d suggest he read my response to Richard Olexa, who correctly pointed out that the online model would serve some placebound students who cannot get to a college campus – which is Lauterbach’s primary argument as well.

The central policy issue is this:  If our policy-makers believe that online laboratory science instruction is as good as the best in-person instructional model, then the best in-person instructional model doesn’t have a chance to expand and serve more of the students who we want most to succeed.  Lauterbach’s response heightens my concerns about the future of science teaching at Florida’s universities.

Class Panorama

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