STEM and life advice for parents of middle school students – a brochure developed by staff at the Panama City campus of FSU

Seven thousand copies of a brochure giving advice to middle school parents about preparing their students for STEM and life will be distributed to parents of Bay District middle school students in the coming weeks.

The brochure was developed by a team at the Panama City Campus of FSU led by FSU Foundation STEM Liaison, Bay District School Board Chair and former English teacher Ginger Littleton.

A brochure for high school parents is under development and should be available in the next few months.

The power of providing STEM advice to parents of secondary-level students was demonstrated by the Wisconsin Study of Families and Work.  That study showed that communicating with parents of high school students about the importance of upper level high school math and science courses significantly increases the rate at which students take those courses and also results in a larger percentage of those students choosing careers in STEM fields.

The pdf of the full brochure is here:

Why STEM Advice to MS Parents


Cover page of the brochure for middle school parents being distributed in Bay County in the coming weeks

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