We didn’t need the electrodes on students’ skulls to know that they learn through social interactions: A Tallahassee Democrat op-ed on neuroscience research

The Democrat published my op-ed on how students learn science.  The op-ed described how students learn both from the perspective of our own experience in the FSU Studio Physics Program and from the perspective of the NYU and UF researchers who recorded high school students’ brain waves to find out what the community of science educators already knew about the importance of social interactions in learning.

The op-ed gave us the opportunity to shout out to three high school physics teachers who are increasing their use of interactive engagement.

An irony to this whole thing:  While several of Florida’s postsecondary institutions (including FSU) have adopted interactive engagement in their introductory physics classes, UF has not.  Perhaps the UF biomedical engineers who worked on the research should have a chat with the physics faculty there.

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