Teacher and principal bonuses in HB 7069: Here’s the bill language, in all of its gory detailed glory

The debate over HB 7069, the massive education policy bill passed at the last minute by the Florida Legislature, has come to this:  the bill’s advocates have released a cartoon to make the argument that Governor Scott should sign the bill.  It’s an extraordinary moment for education reform in our state.

I wanted to make my own contribution to this discussion that speaks directly to my regular readers (both of them, and one is Adam LaMee – I still don’t know who the other is).  My readership (such as it is) enjoys drowning in authentic detail.  So for the benefit of my regular readers, I here post the entire section of the bill having to do with Best and Brightest teacher and principal bonuses.  And I didn’t even transcribe it – just cut and paste images from the enrolled version of the bill.  That makes it truly authentic, right?

So enjoy the bill language in all of its gory detailed glory.  And then perhaps take a peek at the cartoon to see what our political discourse has come to.

My brief take on this language is here.









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