“Flavor of the Week” in STEM education: Trying to get your students interested in robotics or computer science or medical fields by offering specialty courses in those fields in your middle or high school? Perhaps you should keep in mind that…

…to become engineers who work in the robotics field, your students should take chemistry, physics and calculus in high school (according to the American Society for Engineering Education).

…to earn bachelor of science degrees in computer science, your students will have to take lots of science (including physics) and math (including calculus) in college.  And it’s best to be introduced to those subjects in high school.

…to gain admission to professional school in medicine, dentistry or physical therapy, your students will have to do well in college courses in chemistry, physics and calculus.  That means being introduced to those subjects in high school.

Don’t let Flavor of the Week STEM courses get in the way of your students’ STEM career preparation.  If high school courses in robotics, coding or “medicine” get your students excited enough to prepare well for college programs in those fields, all the better.  But remember that it’s irresponsible to get a student excited about a career in robotics and then neglect to mention the importance of chemistry, physics and mathematics in preparing for such a career.







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