Here is the research on teacher hiring and performance being used to argue for Best and Brightest

Since I posted research that appeared not to support the Best and Brightest teacher bonus scheme, I thought it would make sense to post the paper that the House Education Committee staff used to support the Best and Brightest idea in its analysis.  The paper, which is a working paper posted at the National Bureau of Economic Research about hiring practices and teacher performance in the DC school system, is posted here:


I am certainly no economist, but the table from the paper that seems to be most important in the Best and Brightest debate is shown below.

After this morning’s strongly bipartisan vote on the House Education Committee version of the Best and Brightest bill and the Senate K-12 Appropriations Subcommittee discussion of SB 1552 earlier in the week, it appears that Best and Brightest will soon be enshrined in the Florida Statutes.  Now it’s just a matter of the details being worked out.



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