Montford proposal would eliminate Geometry and Algebra 2 EOC’s and likely allow districts to substitute ACT/SAT for FSA 10th grade ELA exam

Senator Bill Montford has filed a complex proposal (SB 964) to alter Florida’s K-12 accountability system that would – among many other changes – terminate end-of-course exams in Geometry and Algebra 2.  It would also likely allow districts to substitute the ACT or SAT for the FSA 10th grade English Language Arts exam – pending a determination by the Commissioner of Education that these exams are “substantially aligned with the applicable state standards”.

While Montford is a Democrat, he may be the Senate’s most influential minority member.  His experience in the K-12 system and his day job as CEO of the Florida Association of District School Superintendents (FADSS) give him considerable authority on education issues.

Montford’s bill would also eliminate the end-of-course exams in Civics and US History.  However, it would leave the EOC’s for Algebra 1 and Biology in place.

The bill would also require the availability of pencil-and-paper versions of state tests, and would make changes in the accountability of charter high schools.

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