The Jeff Solochek Podcast: I get a chance to shout out to Bay County physics teachers, Mosley High School, Lake Mary High School’s physics teachers, and UCF’s Adam LaMee

A big thank you to the Tampa Bay Times’ Jeff Solochek for hosting me on his new podcast.  Our discussion about math and science education in Florida, which ranged all the way up to the college level, gave me an opportunity to shout out to the physics teachers in Bay County (Nancy Browne, Rachel Morris and Sean O’Donnell) who have been willing to lift me up through the time they spend with me and who are doing some great physics teaching, the folks at Mosley High School who are engineering the Mosley Miracle with their parent outreach, the physics team at Seminole County’s Lake Mary High School (which includes this year’s Lake Mary Teacher of the Year, Steve DeSanto and their Presidential Awardee Luther Davis) and UCF’s Physics Teacher-in-Residence, Adam LaMee, who is the new President of the Florida Chapter of the American Association of Physics Teachers.

We also talked about FSU’s studio physics program and I mentioned our Physics Department’s recent recognition as a model undergraduate program by the national J-TUPP task force.

We covered a lot of ground in 10 minutes!

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