If Florida’s state universities are going to elevate their law and medical schools,they should consider these statistics on who their strongest prospective law and medical students are.

Senate Bill 4, which was filed yesterday with considerable fanfare, would focus the efforts of Florida’s State University System on elevating its postgraduate programs in law, medicine and business.

Those who are the architects of that plan should remember that a key part of the process will be to attract the very strongest students.  And according to data provided by the AIP Statistical Research Center, many of the strongest prospective students in law and medicine are pursuing undergraduate majors in math, physics, engineering and economics.

While the leaders of our law and medical schools should keep this in mind, educational leaders at the undergraduate and K-12 levels should keep this in mind, too:  The best preparation for careers in law and medicine includes heavy doses of math and science – especially physical science – starting at the secondary level.



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