Thank you Nancy, Rachel and Sean! High school physics has a bright future in Bay County.


The number of students taking physics in Bay County’s district high schools will more than double this fall over last year’s number.

And those students will be in good hands.  Trust me on this.  Over the last six weeks, I spent 36 hours with three of the district’s five physics teachers.  You can see them in the picture above.  Bay High School’s Nancy Browne is on the left, Rutherford’s Rachel Morris is in the center, and Mosley’s Sean O’Donnell is on the right.

During the last two years, about half of the students Rachel and Sean have taught in AP Physics 1 have passed the exam.  Compare that to the national rate – the national passing rate for AP Physics 1 is close to 40%.  That is, Rachel and Sean have beaten the national passing rate.

Nancy, Rachel and Sean are planning to meet frequently this school year to keep the AP Physics 1 success going as the district joins the National Math and Science Initiative College Readiness Program, which emphasizes AP courses in math, science and English.

Lance King (Mosley) and Dirk Naegele (Arnold) will also be teaching AP Physics 1 in Bay County this year.  Lance will be joining Mosley as its new Science Department Chair.

It’s going to be a very good year for high school physics in Bay County.

Thank you Nancy, Rachel and Sean for letting me be part of it.

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